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Post  TerribleTowel on Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:26 am

First off, I have been invited by numerous other Liveleak Bashing related forums since I joined up as a Liveleaker in 2007. I never joined any of them. They were extremely lame and only lasted a few months.One of them was so fucking bad the creator faked his own death to get out from under it (Hey Guido!). I am not a joiner nor am I going to trash Liveleak as an entity because I actually get a lot out of Liveleak. Spend a lot of time there. All in all, Liveleak is one of the finest websites on the Net. I have talked to Hayden before and although his politics are far left liberal, he's a nice enough guy and pretty damn smart.

Are there problems at Liveleak? Of course there are. Even Hayden admits that. Unlike many of you, I have never had any problems with the Moderating or Liveleak Staff with the exception of being ignored...which is probably a good thing when I think about it. All of the interaction I have had from Liveleak was in the past, when I first joined. At that time Liveleak was much smaller and getting the ear of a moderator was easy, everyone knew who they were. Have some of you been treated wrong by Moderators/Staff at Liveleak? Clearly you have. Absolute. Why I am here. I'd like to think my loyalty and hard work on Liveleak would be rewarded. Shit, Just an "Atta Boy" from Staff or Hayden would do the trick. Never heard anything from them. Now, if you are like me, you are probably wondering what I have done for LiveLeak, Right? Fair enough question. I'm currently sitting on 9,902 points. Ranked 31 alltime with around 120 Featured videos. Not Great or legendary by any means, but that takes a lot of effort.I help many new Liveleakers on a weekly basis.I enjoy that. I answer new leakers questions daily in PM. I have fun there. I relax there. I watch and share videos with my kids and wife there. I dig Liveleak. Only time I am not there is during NFL season. Liveleak is awesome.

Now the Darkside of LL:

The Forums are a cesspool of Europeeon-brit fucktards who obsessively hate on Israel and America. I spent some time in there. Hated it. Some liked it. I did not. I left. No 'good byes' or 'see you arounds' either. Just up and left. There are a small handful of good guys in there,make no mistake. But those guys love the battle. They suit up in armor as if going to war. Not for me, thanks. Everytime I went into the LL Forums I felt like I needed to take a shower afterwards, the putrid stench of whiny assed bitches and Beta Males needed to be washed off. Horrid place. Not very inviting for new members. Poor form Liveleak and Hayden. But maybe that's how they want it, as the Mainsite is clearly Pro Americans and Pro Western Ideals. The LL Forums have been described to me by former and current Mods as Haydens personal Fiefdom. Do I know that as truth? No. From all appearances it appears so. If you need Haydens ear for something, you go to the forums.
Tickets and other ways to contact Staff.... Hayden, get rid of them.You and staff don't have time to answer them nor have you ever done so. Lets lose the masquerade of Tickets and contacting Staff. Build credibility and lose the phoney ticket system. I imagine some dork like idiot tasked with reading those tickets and simply tossing them into the trash because he can't masturbate to them. That was probably why lasrever left, it was his job.In fact I'd bet a case of beer it was lasrevers job, it was that task of answering Tickets that fucked that kid in the head.
Thumbers and Stalkers. Since implementing this last year, I now have a dozen cadre of Thumb Stalkers. Holy Shit! Be it muslim dicksnorts like Ali187,alsetAlokin or racist Jew Hating Uber Christians Conspiritards like Yogsoggoth or females like wargypzy who are pissed I'm married and not going to send them nude pictures of myself, the fields are white all ready to harvest.I have hundreds of enemies and stalkers. For a while, it was the RonPaultards who took it out on me.That's okay. I gave them more shit then they could give me.
Some of these stalkers however, are quite dangerous. One longtime great member here had a guy threaten his work, gave out personal information which is a CLEAR Violation of the TOS. I PM'ed Hayden direct with this info... Nothing. Guy is still here. Piss Poor form. Inexcusable.
The Political Correctness of the New Liveleak is not what endeared it to many of us. To call things what they really are has been taken away. I myself don't drop N Bombs, not how I was raised. I don't hate Blacks. But listen, there are glaring fucking problems within a huge majority of the Black Community in America, let's not forget that. Let's not wax poetic over the fact that Blacks themselves have created this problem with me having nothing to do with it. Hip Hop,Ghetto Culture,Criminal Habits,lack of education and a Dad at home being just some of the problems. Until some of these facts become topics of conversation accepted in the community of debate, we are going to see things get worse. Much worse. Of the many constraints and imprisonments possible in our world, one of the worst must be to be inarticulate. To be unable to tell a person how you really feel.
When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them or they can simply steal or violently rob the other..... and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for or have it stolen from them, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.
In conclusion, Kim Kardashian bangs black dudes for a living and makes six million dollars a year while the rest of us are living on a budget like we have succumbed to a gypsy or Sumerian fucking curse. Thanks, God,Great work.
As always, Enjoy your day.

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Post  Guest on Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:54 pm

Bravo, F37R

I always appreciated your contributions to LL. You're a hard hitter over there. You have a diverse collection of uploads that has helped make the website what it is today.

As far as fatboy Hayden failing to offer so much as a 'THANK YOU', you should never have expected one. He's an arrogant, smug individual who sits on a high horse (I feel bad for the horse) and was never taught how to handle criticism. You have an opinion that differs from his? Expect to be ignored.

Thanks for joining us here, we're delighted to have you


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